Fund Advising

Just how vital are donor advised funds to the health and welfare of our communities—now and in the future? A Council on Foundations’ report, Donor Advised Funds Provide the Majority of Grant Funds Awarded by Community Foundations, reveals a host of interesting facts about these funds and their role in addressing societal needs. For example, did you know:

  • community foundations hold more than half (53%) of the estimated $31 billion currently held in donor advised funds
  • donor advised funds comprise about 33% of the community foundation sector’s total assets of over $50 billion, yet make up 62% of the community foundation sector’s annual grants
  • the payout rate from community foundation donor advised funds is three times the payout rate from other funds—16.4 % versus 5%

The report takes a probing look at donor advised funds and offers information you can use to strengthen your community foundation’s support for advocating for the expansion and protection of these funds.

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Established Emergency Assistance Agencies

Emergency Fund Excel Report (XLS)

The Charities Review Council Web Site

This site features ranking information that may be helpful in determining how you would like to see your granting monies dispersed.

The Better Business Bureau Web Site
This site features resources to evaluate charitable organizations